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giovedì 31 dicembre 2009

Decorating your house

If you have a house to furnish or to renovate and you don't want to call an interior designer to help you, there are a few tips that could be very useful:

1. Eliminating partition walls can help you planning your space and allow new and original solutions;
2. Using new material can solve many problems. For examples glass bricks, which at the same time can solve light problems and delimit different spaces in a new way .

3. Where possible, a loft is the ideal solution to transform narrow spaces in more livable rooms.
4. Those spaces which seem to be the most difficult to organize can become in a few steps original bathrooms, equipped with all comforts .
5. There are many ideas and proposals coming from the world of the interior design which allow to find the right solutions both from an aesthetic and functional point of view, but putting a particular and original object is always a good idea, like old furnishings, your grand-ma rocking chair .
6. Everything must be emphasized by correct chromatic choices both for furnishings and for covering materials, since color is fundamental to give dynamism and to increase the spaces' brightness. So don't hesitate in choosing original combinations, in decorating walls and ceilings: everything will contribute to make you house more pleasant and cozy.

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