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mercoledì 21 aprile 2010

Restaurant kitchens

The kitchen is for a restaurant the production motor, a space where to move freely and nimbly, in order to get the best results. the kitchen is the place where the professionalism of the chef meets top quality instruments to satisfy the most refined tastes. 

The kitchen is the place where new ideas and compositions originate and ideas and compositions are those elements that can assure the success of a restaurant. Because it's well known that a client is always looking for something new, that can tickle his taste and at the same time be pleasant to his eyes.
 That's why it's fundamental to possess good professionalism and  inventiveness, but it's also important to have at disposal the means that permit to create these new ideas.
Stainless steel is a very good material to be used in a restaurant kitchen, since it doesn't go rusty and it's more resistant to knocks and scratches.


lunedì 8 marzo 2010

The importance of style and interior design items in a hotel

What's the right style for a hotel room? Which are  the essential elements?
There are the important questions that you should ask if you are looking for a reliable design and build company for your project.
the first element to be considered is the surroundings of the hotel: are you at the seaside or in  a big city?Or at the mountain or in the countryside? This is the critical factor that influences the choice of interiors and furniture.
The second element is the style.: for instance, if you want your hotel to be contemporary, you have to choice all design and stylish and trendy furnishings.
A contemporary style gives luminosity to the room and more space while a more classic style, although it's synonymous of refinement, tends to weight it down with heavier decorations and curtains, wooden ceilings, parquet or cotto pavings and carpets.
But apart form the style you will choose, the qualitative standards must be respected when buying furnishings, as well the security and long last of materials, in order to avoid to change  furniture too often.


lunedì 8 febbraio 2010

How to decorate with paitings

Paintings' arrangement is a very important element for  the success of a room, especially of a living room. Its task is to decorate all walls and as a consequence to catch the attention of a glance in a pleasant way.
The placement of paintings can be parallel to architectural elements, like columns, drops, particular shapes)or to furnishings (sofas, tables, bookcases) or even to graphic and architectural signs ( a colour line, a wooden band, the combination of different materials.
The important thing is to be in harmony with all these elements, or also in a wise and calculated contrast, but in both cases, it has to follow a previous design, avoiding improvisations and at the same time keeping in mind the possible changes to make in future. 
Paintings , instead of hanging from a hook, can be fixed through a chain to a runner in the top part of the wall.
If paintings have the same dimensions and modern frames, they can form a unique block, while if they are different in dimensions and have classic frames, it should be better to put them one next to the other aligning their central horizontal axles.


lunedì 25 gennaio 2010

"Dressing our home" .... with fantasy

It's true! We only need a pinch of fantasy: colored curtains,  a scented flowers arrangement, some witty cushions or just a wise colour combination and all done!
Since it's  through the choice of details  that can be expressed the personality of a furniture and of the person living in it.
Details, no matter what kind of detail, are necessary to make our house unique: through its several expressions it's possible to evoke charming atmospheres, where our creativity is the undisputed director.
Curtains for example have a fundamental importance in the house interior design: soft and draped, or simple and linear, used in the past to repair from light and cold, nowadays, besides these practical functions, they are   used to decorate, colour, suggest and create unique ambiances.
The present production of curtains offers endless solutions to dress our house. Hopefully today we have a wide variety of materials and colours that can satisfy every kind of taste.
But also in this domain there are a few rules to follow before choosing our curtains.
For example, we must measure the dimensions of the window and evaluate the function the curtain should have and even the general style of the room. In so doing, we will create an homogeneous space, where no details have been  neglected.


venerdì 8 gennaio 2010

Upcoming international event for home furniture: MACEF in Milan, January 14th-18th

In a few days, Milan will host the new edition of Macef, the international show dedicated to the world of home decoration, textile, accessories, costume jewelery, furniture etc...

This event, which occurs twice a year, in January and September, has been one of the most important and rich showcases of these sectors for the last 40 years.


How shop interior design has changed in the last years

Deep has been in the last years the evolution of the architectural and space aspects of the shop, depending on a changed concept of social and economical life.
Up to a few years ago, the interiors of most part of the shops was something static, to be handed down from generation to generation. It was also something strictly and purely functional: an exposition and selling counter, several shelfs whose aim was to show and keep the goods, an essential window which had to immediately clarify the kind of products sold in the shop, and nothing more than this! There was no search for refined spaces or special materials.


The importance of a living room

The living room is a crucial space of a house: it's the center around which the whole apartment gravitates. It's a private space which has two roles: obviously it has to mirror the owner's tastes and needs but every now and then it also has to welcome other people, could be friends or strangers, so it's also a representative space of prestige. This means that it's not so easy to conceive an interior design where everybody feels comfortable.

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