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lunedì 25 gennaio 2010

"Dressing our home" .... with fantasy

It's true! We only need a pinch of fantasy: colored curtains,  a scented flowers arrangement, some witty cushions or just a wise colour combination and all done!
Since it's  through the choice of details  that can be expressed the personality of a furniture and of the person living in it.
Details, no matter what kind of detail, are necessary to make our house unique: through its several expressions it's possible to evoke charming atmospheres, where our creativity is the undisputed director.
Curtains for example have a fundamental importance in the house interior design: soft and draped, or simple and linear, used in the past to repair from light and cold, nowadays, besides these practical functions, they are   used to decorate, colour, suggest and create unique ambiances.
The present production of curtains offers endless solutions to dress our house. Hopefully today we have a wide variety of materials and colours that can satisfy every kind of taste.
But also in this domain there are a few rules to follow before choosing our curtains.
For example, we must measure the dimensions of the window and evaluate the function the curtain should have and even the general style of the room. In so doing, we will create an homogeneous space, where no details have been  neglected.

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