Commercial and Residential Interior Design: a world still to be discovered

venerdì 8 gennaio 2010

How shop interior design has changed in the last years

Deep has been in the last years the evolution of the architectural and space aspects of the shop, depending on a changed concept of social and economical life.
Up to a few years ago, the interiors of most part of the shops was something static, to be handed down from generation to generation. It was also something strictly and purely functional: an exposition and selling counter, several shelfs whose aim was to show and keep the goods, an essential window which had to immediately clarify the kind of products sold in the shop, and nothing more than this! There was no search for refined spaces or special materials.

Then the better life conditions and the buying power have introduced the idea that having a good aspect helps a lot in selling goods.
People don't' buy only an object, a cloth, a jewel but a life style, a philosophical and economical concept, a way to distinguish. The technological evolution of the systems of armored glass window made the rest...

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