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venerdì 8 gennaio 2010

The importance of a living room

The living room is a crucial space of a house: it's the center around which the whole apartment gravitates. It's a private space which has two roles: obviously it has to mirror the owner's tastes and needs but every now and then it also has to welcome other people, could be friends or strangers, so it's also a representative space of prestige. This means that it's not so easy to conceive an interior design where everybody feels comfortable.

Giving a personal touch to a living room means making this room something unique, where the intimate characteristics of the owner can be mirrored.

If somebody decides to ask for the help of an interior designer, he can't expect the use of fix rules, for the simple reason that there aren't fix rules!since every case is different so the solutions will be different in each situation!

A starting point could be the decision of having an open space with a wide entrance which favors the direct communication between inside and outside and where different functions coexist, or it could be the opposite, i.e. a space where each area is separated in well defined sectors.

A second important decision is the style of the room: is it better modern , classic or ethnic? Well it could also be one of them with a few influences of another style!

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