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lunedì 8 febbraio 2010

How to decorate with paitings

Paintings' arrangement is a very important element for  the success of a room, especially of a living room. Its task is to decorate all walls and as a consequence to catch the attention of a glance in a pleasant way.
The placement of paintings can be parallel to architectural elements, like columns, drops, particular shapes)or to furnishings (sofas, tables, bookcases) or even to graphic and architectural signs ( a colour line, a wooden band, the combination of different materials.
The important thing is to be in harmony with all these elements, or also in a wise and calculated contrast, but in both cases, it has to follow a previous design, avoiding improvisations and at the same time keeping in mind the possible changes to make in future. 
Paintings , instead of hanging from a hook, can be fixed through a chain to a runner in the top part of the wall.
If paintings have the same dimensions and modern frames, they can form a unique block, while if they are different in dimensions and have classic frames, it should be better to put them one next to the other aligning their central horizontal axles.

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