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mercoledì 31 agosto 2011

Inspiration of the day - Elsie de Wolfe

Elsie de Wolfe, America's darling interior designer was the pioneering woman to pull her clients out of the victorian drabness and gloom of early 20thcentury and into a new innovative, modern and chic environment. The first woman to make an occupation out of decorating peoples homes she dispelled of victorian clutter and injected warm and subtle tones with a dash of french 18th century panache to the homes that she touched. Anyone who was anyone wanted De Wolfe to work her magic on their home, her success deriving perhaps from the fact that she was the first to sell the concept of a lifestyle to her clients. By introducing perhaps exotic elements of the laidback and elegant european lifestyle she adored and had witnessed herself to her american contemporaries she escalated herself to the very top ranks of american society, hailed for her style and elegance to this day.

I opened the doors and windows of America and let the air and sunshine in.

How can we get the de Wolfe look today? Elsie's design brief was all about practicality and comfort, she removed the bric a brac and clutter of her victorian surroundings. The intensely patterned wallpaper, heavy draperies and hard and unpleasurable seating arrangements were replaced with light, soft and comfortable furnishings. It was Elsie that came up with for example the chaise longue and faux finish treatments. Forboding victorian wall hanging and paintings were no more and were replaced by pretty to the eye, delicate silver and gold mirrors.

Elsie de Wolfe (La Chèvre blanche) (1920) Pictures, Images and Photos

'I believe in plenty of optimism and white paint' – a now classic contemporary interior trick that many of us aby to this day was another trick of the design queen. Simply add inspiring pieces to your light and airy opened up space such as a beautiful designer lamp or a stylish glass coffee table.. Think light and elegance and you will be channelling De Wolfe in your home. And why don't you throw a cocktail party in her honor whilst you are at it, it was she that created The Pink Lady at one of her famous shindigs!

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