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martedì 9 agosto 2011

The Shabby-Chic style

Today we want to talk about a new style for decorating a house: the Shabby-chic style.

This is a vintage country-style made of wooden furniture and worn materials, normally white. It has English origins, in fact, it was used mostly in the country houses, because farmers could not afford the luxury furniture and had to adapt to the old and cloudy furniture .

In the USA the Shabby Chic style arrived in the late eighties, thanks to the famous  Designer Rachel Ashwell, who created this trend through the exploitation of antique furniture, useful for creating a comfortable and hospitable atmosphere.
The color that characterizes this style is white, but ivory and cream are also used .
Shabby-Chic style is widely used today to decorate cottages, where antiques and furnishings predominate giving the  room a sense of  creativity and imagination.

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