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giovedì 22 settembre 2011

Indoor swings for your house

Who said that only children can play with swings and slides? But above all, who said that yiu can have a swing set only if you have a garden?  Taking a few precautions and having enough space, eve the tipical outdoor playground  equipment like swings can find its place in th eliving room of our house. How can we do that? Many designers have decided to transform this kids play in an original furniture object.
Becasue we all need relax and why not, sometimes it's nice to go back to childhood and play old games...
Indoor swings  available in the market are many: there the one with filled seat, full of colours, completely removable  and dry washable. In this way you will also have a easy to clean and use object.
Do you lie indoor plants  but you don't have enough space for pots? Then  you can buy a swiung with plants which puts together two needs: fun and decoration. This swing has been inspired by those garden swings with climbers: inside the swinging seat there is the soil taht will permit your plants growth along the strings of your swing. Can you imagine anything more romantic than this?

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