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martedì 6 dicembre 2011

How to decorate a laundry room

Sometimes in a house it's very useful to have a laundry room where to put laundry baskets and dirty clothing, to iron and put the washer and drying machine. In fact, having to deal constantly with the mess caused by clothes to be ironed is something that women don't really like.
Therefore, for those who can afford it and have enough space, we show how to decorate a laundry area, in order to make it a comfortable and functional room.
Actually, the place reserved to the laundry is increasingly present in the houses of European people, especially those of new construction or just renewed. Sometimes, however, the space is very small, therefore furnishing it in an intelligent way, so as to recover much space, can be a win-win move.
Of course the first thing that you must put into a laundry room is a washing machine. Once you've chosen the model and the capacity, it  will be the first element to be placed in the room.  Afterwards  you will need all the laundry equipment, some shelves for detergents and various cleaning products. Since you also need a wash basin for delicate hand washing clothes, it is recommended to put shelves above it, so you can keep everything at your fingertips.
Then, in the laundry room ,there must  be  some baskets for dirty clothes, maybe two are better, in order to divide white and colored and avoid the hassle of having to divide before starting the washing machine. The ironing board and dryer machine, if there is enough room, are two welcomed elements. The ironing board placed in the laundry  will be the preferred place where to accumulate  clothes to be ironed in this kind of 'dark room' and not visible to prying eyes. The choice is yours, but just think that perhaps in some cases  it is more satisfying to iron in front of a beautiful landscape ...

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