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domenica 30 dicembre 2012

Office redesign theories

Office spaces are becoming more and more revolutionised due to an increase study on what makes something or somebody productive and efficient. One of the things that they discovered is the comfort at the desk and because of the huge physical differences that employers can find in a group of employees. Desk height therefore can become an issue and there is no reason why someone shouldn't be able to have their desk at their own desirable height. Some markets like the North American one are seeing a 75% increase in the use of these ergonomic desks.

There is a big number of little things that can be done or changes that can be made to an office to make it a more work friendly place. It might seem strange that adding a couch area for any informal impromptu meetings but these areas can prove to be very effective in spurring those ideas and making the workplace click even better. Some companies have got bar stool high meeting desks that allow people to grab a seat and have a chat about work related topics in a different environment. The IT department might have lower dimmed lights so they can feel more relaxed at their computer desks while coding. Changing different rooms from warm and soft light depending on what the function of the room is can also allow employees to maximise their work time. There are so many different things that can be done as continued research is being done on what makes a work office, work.

Because more and more workers are working from home or part-time there is a trend to need less desk space and use this in more creative ways. Having a relax area where staff can sit on bean bags or even comfortable lounges where people can put their feet up at lunch and have a power nap. The results of well rested employees are remarkable. The loss to US companies due to workers with a lack of sleep runs into the hundreds of millions of dollars so there is a new wave of companies fighting that to make sure they have the most competitive and efficient workforce in the business. One of the ways they are doing this is by start redesigning the office.


venerdì 30 novembre 2012

A creative and functional hotel lobby

Designing the interior of a hotel lobby is one of the most important things you will do in the construction or redesign of a hotel. The reason for this is quite obvious as guests step in off the street into the hotel they will be welcomed by the appearance of the lobby's interior design and the staff at the concierge and front desk.


giovedì 15 novembre 2012

The industrial look

One of the great things about the industrial look when it comes to interior design is that it is very flexible and really allows anyone to put their own touch and feeling towards the theme without going too far "off track".


lunedì 15 ottobre 2012

Office Relocation - How to Avoid Feeling Stressed?


The office relocation process can turn out to be quite a stressful affair, if timely and appropriate measures are not taken. 

What measures can you take to keep your employees, and of course yourself free from stress? There are a few very simple steps that can be executed to keep relocation-oriented anxiety at bay.


martedì 21 agosto 2012

Choosing the best office furniture

Have you ever thought to the opinion you give on a restaurant when you only consider its design? If it has  a country-style, you look for home dishes, if it's carefully detailed, you expect sophisticated food while if you see chairs with straw seat and a red and white checkered tablecloth, you think that it's a cheap restaurant. Well, this is exactly what happens with your office too...

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