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martedì 21 agosto 2012

Choosing the best office furniture

Have you ever thought to the opinion you give on a restaurant when you only consider its design? If it has  a country-style, you look for home dishes, if it's carefully detailed, you expect sophisticated food while if you see chairs with straw seat and a red and white checkered tablecloth, you think that it's a cheap restaurant. Well, this is exactly what happens with your office too...

In fact the furniture design, the disposal of every single piece of furniture, the general order of your office can give a clear message to your customers and suppliers about you.
Just think if you enter a dirty, old and damaged office: you would immediately think "this is not the right place for me", you wouldn't invest a penny or rely on them for your business, would you?
Considering that we spend more time in our office than what we spend at home and that a well done furniture can assure more efficiency to us and to our collegues, we should then start thinking that we have to dedicate more attention to the spaces that will host customers and suppliers, like for example the directional office or the conference room, so that they reflect personality, reliability  and professionalism.

A good way to be sure that your office reflects these three important characteristics is to design your office following these simple rules.

Lighting: the position and quality of lights is fundamental. In order not to create annoying play of light between artificial and natural lights, put the desk beside the window. In order to increase the desk light, use a desk lamp.
A big wooden desk is the fulcrum around which all  the rest of furniture turns. You can choose the colour you want, the dimensions you prefer, but remeber, this is the fundamental piece of furniture in your office.  Place it in front of the entry so that you can see every person entering.
Once chosen the desk, you can start putting all the other furnishings and accessories necessary for you job like an office pedestal or a bookcase.
Last but not least, try and add some pleasant details, like a funny painting or colourful curtains and why not, some plants that can make the place more relaxing.

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