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lunedì 15 ottobre 2012

Office Relocation - How to Avoid Feeling Stressed?


The office relocation process can turn out to be quite a stressful affair, if timely and appropriate measures are not taken. 

What measures can you take to keep your employees, and of course yourself free from stress? There are a few very simple steps that can be executed to keep relocation-oriented anxiety at bay.

Look at the Brighter Side
First off, being positive about the future is very important. It is quite easy to think and point towards the negative aspects of a relocation process. But continually doing so can build a pessimistic mindset among the office staff, reducing productivity. Instead, you must give positive vibes by portraying an office relocation process as a fresh start, and a very important change that will help to bring in more business and benefit employees.

Keep Them in the Loop
Avoid surprising your staff and keep them well-informed about every step of the relocation process and the expected timeframe to finish. This will keep them mentally prepared and ensure smoothness in the functioning of office activities.

Stay Organised
While planning an office move, create a to-do checklist with a practical time frame assigned to each activity and stick to it. Such an approach will avoid last-minute hassles. Systematising the succession of tasks is the key for smooth office relocation.

De-Clutter to Avoid Confusion
Packing before an office relocation can get quite cumbersome, confusing and time consuming if there is a lot of unwanted clutter in your office. As a first step, get rid of waste and unwanted stuff before you start packing. If every office member de-clutters their work station and sorts their belongings prior to packing, it will ensure that only the right and most important things are packed. Also, this will trim down the quantity to be transported and bring down related costs.

Keep a Back-Up Plan Ready
Last minute glitches and uncertainties are bound to occur. A prudently planned office move must consider these and have provisions for their occurrence.  Keep a copy of important contact numbers handy in case of an emergency, back up all computer files and ensure no loss of important data can occur during the move.

Manage Office Removals Wisely
Office removal is an integral part of the relocation process and must be best handed over to a professional moving firm who can accomplish the task with minimal disruption to your business. It must be performed proficiently in order to avoid delays, increased costs and loss of business revenues.

It is very important to stay calm and composed for an efficient office move to materialise. These simple steps ensure that you sail smoothly through the seemingly herculean process of office relocation.

Author Jonny Peace also writes for office relocation blog an helps businesses source the best suppliers for their office refurbishment

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