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venerdì 30 novembre 2012

A creative and functional hotel lobby

Designing the interior of a hotel lobby is one of the most important things you will do in the construction or redesign of a hotel. The reason for this is quite obvious as guests step in off the street into the hotel they will be welcomed by the appearance of the lobby's interior design and the staff at the concierge and front desk.

The function of a hotel lobby shouldn't be the only objective of any interior designer whose job is to create a space which works for both guests and staff members. The space must be an experience. It is however very important to make the lobby purposeful as something that doesn't work for everyone using it isn't a successful design. The experience is something that must be decided before the first pencil hits the blank canvas so in saying this the experience is characterised by the hotel's guests. It is not hard to imagine what the experience would be in the lobby of a five star hotel. The same goes with a three star road side motel. There is a lot of things you can add to a lobby, depending on the space available, that can go beyond the simple checkin area, seating and things-to-do brochure stand. If your hotel has a restaurant then connecting a designated dinning waiting space and bar can create the right mix for your guests to mingle. An ideal hotel should be bit like a house is some ways. You don't arrive home and go straight to the bedroom. You usually linger in the kitchen, living room or study. So for those who want to be kept busy there should be something to do in the hotel and a hotel lobby can be a good place to start for guests.

A sponsored information kiosk can be a good way for the lobby to generate further income for the hotel as local attractions and tour guides can be advertised by staff at a desk. A percentage of sales made within the hotel would be reasonable for both parties considering the direct access the hotel gives to tourists. This can be a financial benefit and also supply an extra service and convenience to clients. With the inclusion of this kiosk for guests the lobby becomes a hub of relax but also holiday and business organisation. Creating the lobby as the centre of the hotel makes the most of the space giving it life. People often don't like to sit in their rooms if they are alone on business trips so supplying them with a place to go and 'hang out' while they can connect to some free wifi and plug in their laptops on a comfy couch can only be a win-win for the hotel.

Successfully applying all these things the lobby becomes a life size welcome mat. Guests arriving for the first time into a warm atmosphere get a positive sense of the public space as they see other guests enjoying themselves and staff working in harmony. Now matter how big or small or how luxurious your hotel is, a lobby designed in the right way gives the hotel another aspect which appeal to guests. The more appealing aspects about a hotel there are to current and potential guests means more business.

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