Commercial and Residential Interior Design: a world still to be discovered

martedì 29 gennaio 2013

Effective sculptures

Sculptures are great way to add aesthetic value to a space. They are fantastic forms of art that can either be purchased at little or great expense. They can even be designed arguably with a lot less ability than other forms of art such as wall paintings. I am not suggesting that everyone should go out there and fill their interior space with a sculpture that they make in the garage themselves but that you are given a lot of options when it comes to sculptures.


lunedì 14 gennaio 2013

Window blinds

One thing about blinds is that they are both useful for blocking out light which is essentially what they are used for but they also can add a lot aesthetically to any room. There are however a huge range to choose from and sometimes when having too many things to choose from can be negative. Here is a guide to the different kinds of blinds and their pros and cons. Hopefully after reading this post you will not only understand what you are talking about but also have your mind made up about what is going to cover your windows whether it is for a commercial or residential property.


venerdì 4 gennaio 2013

Audio visual appliances in interior design

Often in both a commercial and residential interior there is a problem with inserting technology. When you spend time, effort and money organising your interior to follow a certain idea or theme it is often disappointing to have to deal with a 60" LCD with such a dull black surface or those space stealing speakers. Because our lives evolve around technology these appliances are not something that we can just do without but they must be carefully inserted into the interior with some original and smart thinking.

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