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venerdì 4 gennaio 2013

Audio visual appliances in interior design

Often in both a commercial and residential interior there is a problem with inserting technology. When you spend time, effort and money organising your interior to follow a certain idea or theme it is often disappointing to have to deal with a 60" LCD with such a dull black surface or those space stealing speakers. Because our lives evolve around technology these appliances are not something that we can just do without but they must be carefully inserted into the interior with some original and smart thinking.

When it comes to your TV it is common to hide the cords and make it look flush but what is the most difficult is actually hiding the TV when it is off and revealing it when it is on. This does not mean moving it into a secret cabinet but it does mean using a couple of tips for the other pieces of furniture and placing these in intelligent places. Often rooms are unused if they do not have either a computer or a television set. This sadly is a result of our technological lives so making a functional room only makes your house a better place to live in. Often people will traditionally put their television on top of the fireplace. This is ok but what will take the attention away from the TV and towards the rest of the interior in this situation is what colour and texture the wall is with the TV. Busy walls so to speak will catch the eye and take attention away from the TV. Textures such as rock covered or even leather panelled walls can be a great effect and can even be built so that the TV fits into the wall and therefore flush on the surface.

Speakers are often a problem as sound needs space to be produced. There are some solutions like hiding them behind panels in a furniture piece, have wall or ceiling speakers. On the market these days there are speakers that have their covers printed with a picture of the customer choice. An interesting way to conceal those speakers is to mount them inside the wall so that the front edge is flush with the wall. This technique can be effective as the speaker cover can reveal a painting and therefore add aesthetic quality to your interior.

Imagination when taking on the task of designing your interior is a helping hand but also creating an atmosphere where appliances are readily available but do not overwhelm the space you've created.

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