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lunedì 14 gennaio 2013

Window blinds

One thing about blinds is that they are both useful for blocking out light which is essentially what they are used for but they also can add a lot aesthetically to any room. There are however a huge range to choose from and sometimes when having too many things to choose from can be negative. Here is a guide to the different kinds of blinds and their pros and cons. Hopefully after reading this post you will not only understand what you are talking about but also have your mind made up about what is going to cover your windows whether it is for a commercial or residential property.

These types of blinds are probably the most sophisticated out of the lot. They are adjustable as you can  turn the slats while the blinds are down allowing a desire amount of light into the room. One of the worst things about these blinds is the effort you will need to put in to keep them keep. The fact that an endless array of materials can be chosen allows you to pick something that is easier to clean if you are worried about that issue.

Panel blinds are considerably modern as they allow not only the blinds to be opened but configured in the sense that the panels can cover half a window or the whole area. The panels can slide and gather to either the right or left as well as being split in the middle and placed on either side of the window. One of the disadvantages of this type of blind is often the whole window cannot be revealed as the panels are stored in front of the window and do not raise like more conventional blinds. For commercial spaces these blinds are good as they are both professional and also can be used as dividers in the middle of a room. We often see this in medical clinics.

A more traditional blind that offers a nice look to any room. The blind tucks away underneath a headboard above the window as the blind folds up. Different materials can be used and thus adding to a room's decor especially when a blind is fully closed with its big flat surface area exposed to the interior of the room.

Traditional roller
These blinds roll up in a cylinder and are usually made of lighter material than roman even though they have the same effect. One thing that differentiates traditional roller blinds from roman is that they usually are made with opaque material that lets in some light. This is often useful for when blinds serve to block out prying eyes from outside but still need to let in light. Because of this they can be left down during the day and still provide natural light. They are often used in more modern environments.

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