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mercoledì 13 febbraio 2013

Stripy rooms

Stripes in an interior are a cool thing to work with as they can be used to a large number of extents and made out of a whole range of things. In saying this I mean that you can have the simple pattern of a stripy wall paper which is quite simplistic in its creativity. You could however also have an interior that incorporates a number of lines whether it be from bookshelves, to lighting rails to paintings on the wall that combine together create a stripy theme.

We have seen many examples of this in office spaces but in 2013 this will move more and more into the homes. Whatever your desired look is then stripes can fit and adjust to create the 'look' that you are searching for. You might want a bold statement in the living room or a more subtle feel in the bedroom. The stripes can be made from colours, textures with either a stronger interlinking pattern or a contrast. Anything that really fits your mood.

As textures are no longer old school you can line your room with contrasts between one texture and another which in itself creates stripes and lines. The flat line is a very modernist addition to any interior. It is interesting to take into consideration the effects of the size and length of the stripes. The wider the stripes used in a room can change its impact on whoever enters. A wide stripe can give an image of spacious and airy room. On the other hand a thinner stripe gives off more energy and lets the eye flow more. It can be useful to lead the eye to highlight another feature. It is also important to consider which direction the stripes flow. Walking into a room your eyes will either start at the stripe and carry along to the if they are perpendicular to your position or they can stop you eye looking into the depth and rather notice the width of a room. These can be fun to play with as they really make a difference.

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